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Kate is very proud to have worked with more than 500 people; with over 70% of all participants attending her courses because of a personal recommendation from a previous attendee. Here are just some of the stories from people that have attended Kate's sessions:

Health & well-being

"Before the seminar I was in a wheelchair most of the time...  Since (the seminar) I have barely stopped.  I've been to Italy to visit my brother without any assistance and stayed out all night dancing"
Abi, 19. Two months after learning the Lightning Process
"Kate Gare was an excellent trainer… Now four months down the line and I am back in full-time employment, I have got into the new career that I wanted to be in and am working a 45 hour week with an hour commute each way, on top of that I get up in enough time each morning to allow myself a visit to the gym before work.  I am able to do all this easily and keep myself 'in the zone' throughout the working week thanks to the powerful skills I learned on the seminar."  Graham, 43, ill for four years.

"With the Lightning Process I simply do not feel I have… limitations anymore, I feel free to do what I want for the first time in 10 years"  Neil, 35, ill for 10 years. Two weeks after learning the Lightning Process

"Six months after learning the Lightning Process.  It’s a long time since we met........but my life has been so busy. I just want to tell you a bit about my new life! I'm working 40% (but most weeks 50%) as a paediatric leader in kindergarden. The first day in my job (and 5 years since the last time I worked) I said to myselMary-Ann on top of a mountainf ‘this is the happiest day of my life for a very long time’. It was a GREAT feeling! And only two weeks after the course, I started to work two days a week in kindergarden as a helper.  As you see at the photos I sent you (right), I am doing other things too. I walk about 1-2 hour every day. For three days in July my husband and I went walking in the Trollheimen mountains. I went from 360 moh up to the highest top at 1669 moh!!! (I just used the Lightning Process to help!)  I love my new life and am very thankful. And it is good that my friend did the course with me as we are traveling together on the same "road", because there are still hills at the road. But the new thing is that I can climb them! I just have to take one step at a time (and not all of the steps at the same time...)"   Mary-Ann (pictured right), 47, ill for 5 years  Five months after learning the Lightning Process
"I'd wholeheartedly recommend Kate's course - she was very caring and very thorough and went out of her way to make sure that all of us on the course got the most out of it.  Eight weeks after doing the (course) I feel well enough to plan a new life in a different country" John, two months after learning the Lightning Process.
"If you are reading this testimonial thinking 'will it work for me' if you have the commitment and are persistent in applying the process, I believe it will.  I cannot stop grinning and am extremely happy and I know that as the weeks go by I will get stronger and stronger.  As I was bed bound for so long it is taking me some time to be pain free, but I strongly believe that this is me using my muscles again." Lynn, ill for 9 years. Six weeks after learning the Lightning Process                                                      
"Four weeks ago I learnt the Lightning Process. The results have been amazing. I arrived for day two of the course with a huge grin on my face. I had looked in the mirror and seen colour in my cheeks and a sparkle in my eyes that I could barely remember. By the end of day three I was buzzing. I had baked a cake (and laughed when it collapsed). I had pushed my toddler round and round in the worst weather imaginable and felt exhilarated. I had knocked back Prosecco with my husband and felt joy and excitement. And I had finished the day with the most relaxing bath ever. I was beginning to love life again. Four weeks later I am still marvelling at the results. I run up the stairs at work. I go out afterwards on a whim (and drink way too much!). I am calm when my toddler has a tantrum. I walk and walk and walk. Most importantly I am looking forward to the future." Thay, 35, ill for 10 years. One month after learning the Lightning Process

"Thanks for all of your help Kate. A crucial part of the course is the fantastic help offered ...after the three days. For me, the course proved invaluable and the help offered has enabled me to feel physically and mentally able to achieve the aspirations which I once thought were unrealistic." Kit, 17, ill for 5 years. Five months after learning the Lightning ProcessKjersti

"Firstly I like to thank you so very much for the weekend in Clapham, and your dedication to us... And it really worked for me.  I am up and about doing the things that I love.  Life is good now that my body feels well, and I can do what I like to do without holding back.  And because I love doing sport, I am doing a lot of that.  And being with the people I like, and work, and and and ... :-) All the things I said I wanted to do... I am now doing.  So again ... THANK YOU!!!"  Kjersti, 40, ill for 3.5 years. Five months after learning the Lightning Process

 "Thank you Kate and Phil (Parker) and the Lightning Process for a new full bite at life."  Sue, 64, ill for 7 years. Three weeks after learning the Lightning Process

Professional & Personal Development 
"I cannot recommend Kate highly enough as a therapist.  Her approach is pragmatic and results-oriented, but at the same time, immensely nurturing and empathetic.  During the session, I found that I was able to let go more deeply than I ever have before and, as a result, some profound and lasting changes have taken place in my life in the last year." Ann-Mari, 42, procrastination
"I just completed a wonderful journey with Kate who helped me to rediscover the lost voice in me.
Kate is like a shepherd who patiently guides you through the rocky and winding paths of the dark forest that is the inner you and brings you out into green pastures and sunshine of the real you. Her warm personality and honest yet simple approach enables you to take action and step into new boundaries that you once thought were not possible. From here, I have rebuilt my self-confidence and raised my self-esteem which has not only helped me in my professional work but I have also seen benefits in my personal life.Thank you Kate! You have been wonderful!
LF, 24, confidence and performance at work
"Thank you Kate.  Your coaching and the strategies you recommended enabled me to be much more confident when I started a new career path.  Little did I know how useful they would continue to be - I was recently asked to present to nearly 200 HR professionals at a client’s annual conference – not a walk in the park, certainly, but made much easier to manage by drawing on those strategies you shared with me – particularly when my PowerPoint presentation refused to run!" Mary, 43, career coaching
"I just wanted to say thanks very much for what you have helped me achieve this year.  I came to you with very little self-esteem and confidence and with your help I now feel miles away from that place. You've really helped me put a lot of things into perspective about life and allowed me to understand that it's ok not to be the people-pleasing nice guy all of the time, but that you can simply be balanced without being unpleasant.  This is something I'm still working on but I feel massive improvements have been made, particularly outside of work more than in. You've also helped me recognise and focus on more positive things in life, particularly when looking at myself.  From the hypnosis we did, it became clear that there were a lot of deep routed unhelpful thoughts in my head stemming from my childhood and now that I've recognised those I can now make more effort to channel them in the right way. This time last year, I avoided social situations with large groups of people and since the work we've done, and more recently, I've really become much more confident socially.  I've been to two work Christmas parties which are events I would previously have avoided like a plague.  Away from work I'm also feeling the benefit of seeing my friends much more than I used to. With your help I now feel I can achieve anything if I put the effort in, and perhaps the fact that I've entered the Edinburgh Marathon next year supports this.  Something else I want to really want to fulfil is my interest in photography and I completed a beginner course last week.  I am now enrolling for an intermediate course starting in January. So I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your invaluable support.  I really liked your intuitive and adhoc approach to getting to where we wanted to be and I would whole heartedly recommended you to anyone who was in the same position.  In fact, many of my friends have come out and said they could benefit from someone like you after I've told them about the worthwhile experience I've had with you and how it's benefited me." Steven, self-esteem and confidence
We cannot guarantee results as every individual is different, however we have had considerable success in helping people with these issues.